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2020 is almost over.

This year has been a %#@&! nightmare. The great news is that it’s almost over…

The BEST thing about Black Friday (aside from leftover turkey, college football and updating my Amazon and Barnes & Noble wish lists) is feeling a twinge of normalcy because I get to buy stuff that’s on sale while sitting on the couch. BTW, my Christmas shopping is done!

Another is that there are only 33 days left in 2020.

Yep – 33 days.

We’re almost there. Just 32 and a wake up until 2021. (God willing!)

So, have we learned anything?

Some things are really obvious – some not so obvious. I’m not a fan of AT&T or the AT&T guy, but I do like Lily.

The biggest lesson is that life is short – really short. Unpredictable, too.

I lost my uncle, my aunt (his wife), several close cousins, friends and some of our family’s pets.

We also lost more than our share of heroes and celebrities this year, too. We said goodbye to Alex Trebek (big fan), Regis Philbin, RBG, Eddie Van Halen, Kobe and baseball greats Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Joe Morgan and lots more.

See you later 2020!

So, if you’re like me, you’ve spent time doing some soul searching, thinking about your own mortality, your legacy. It’s been quite a wakeup call…

How about you? Have you thought about your legacy? Or completing your bucket list?

I’ve still got a lot of things on the bucket list and I don’t when it will be my turn to kick the proverbial bucket.

I want to move to Nashville, TN.

I want to buy a condo in Sandestin, FL.

I want to get another dog. I miss not having my buddy Coach around.

I want to visit every Major League Baseball Stadium.

I want to play more golf.

I want to write more and work less.

I want to finish work on my PhD.

I want more experiences and less stuff.

I want more grandchildren to spoil to keep Debby and me company. 

I want to share what I know with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

I want to work with a handful of incredible clients so I can spend more time coaching my grandsons in baseball.

I want to work with people who energize and inspire me.

I only want to work with people who are serious and truly committed to being the best they can be. I have no time for fools, fakers or takers. Big talkers and wannabes drain the life out of me. At my age, I have only so much time and energy. There is nothing worse than players who look in uniform and can’t hit.

COVID-19 has really made a mess of things. I am almost 65 years old and my single biggest work goal going forward into retirement is to make sure that people don’t leave this world with their dreams still inside them.

God, Our Heavenly Father, put each and every one of us on this rock to do something special. He gave everyone a special gift. It’s up to us whether we use it or not.

For you, maybe it’s a building business, writing a book, creating a product, launching a podcast. Maybe it’s to teach, coach or consult.

I want to help you bring that gift to life.

The clock is ticking. 2020 is a wake-up call that we aren’t invincible.

I’m working on a game plan for 2021  that I hope becomes an amazing journey. One that is totally selfless at its core.

Maybe you’d like to join me. Maybe there’s something really big, really important and scary that you want to do that requires my particular kind of help.

I’m gearing up to work with and train just 10 people per quarter in 2021. That’s 40 clients – tops. Actually, fewer, because some will stay for longer than 3 months.

Maybe you’d like to be one of them?

If any of this piques your curiosity, get in touch with me to see if we’re a fit. If not, that’s not a problem …

Here’s a link to my calendar:  https://calendly.com/bobchristy14/amazing-journey-2021

All the Best,