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10x the reach of your Instagram feed posts

What if I told you that you could easily get 10x the reach of some of your Instagram feed posts with Manu’s YTC templates?

That’s what happens when you use some of our Reels templates that you will find inside our template subscription Your Template Club.

your template club 10x the reach of regular reels

Here’s what I’ve learned this week – The Reels I make in Canva with these templates paired with a trending song, are performing an average of 5-10x better than the equivalent feed post.

Take this Reel Manu posted using one of the Reels templates in the “Moving Messages” pack, for example. It got over 90K views which is a lot for any account. When she used these same templates as square feed posts with animated backgrounds, she was seeing less than 10% of this amount of views!

And these take literally a couple of minutes to create with the templates!

That’s why YTC has a growing collection of Reels Templates in the Club (not to mention gorgeous Reels Covers).

In fact, she just dropped more like these puppies into the Club yesterday.


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