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Use TW3 Marketing To Sell Annuities…

In this 5-minute training, Terry shows how we use our TW3 Referral Marketing Partners (RMP) to offer plans beyond what our insurance members may offer to earn a commission even when an insurance sale is not made.

TW3 Marketing can help you build your annuity business fast?

The trick to marketing annuities is targeting the right audience.

Our database has more than 220 million leads that can be filtered to give you the ideal parameters to target your ideal client.

The money you earn comes from “marketing” annuities and not just selling them.

Using our Referral Marketing Partners, you can offer ancillary products and services that the same client type would find value in and get paid even if the offers made aren’t purchased.

This also includes other annuity products that you may not already sell.

Annuity marketing done easy and efficient.

This lets you spend more time either on the phone or in person with the clients. This saves you time and earns you more money.

Reach out today for a free demo of how we can take your annuity business to the next level.


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