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Get Ready! Meta Ad Changes Are Coming

Several major changes have impacted ad management and targeting on Meta platforms over the past few years:

First, iOS 14 update in 2021 limited advertisers’ ability to track conversions and analyze performance. Meta also removed some interest-targeting options.

Get Ready for Meta Ad Changes

Next, They expanded their algorithm’s use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize performance but provided advertisers with less transparency and control in the process.

Finally, new campaign types like Advantage Plus Shopping gave advertisers almost no targeting control and relied entirely on Meta’s AI to find audiences likely to convert.

These changes signal a trend toward their systems fully managing audience targeting with limited advertiser inputs. Advertisers have to learn to trust the algorithm more to determine what works.

How to Adapt Your Marketing to Align With Meta System Changes

Advertisers must embrace these changes rather than fight them. Continuing to resist them will only hurt campaign performance once Meta forces you to use the new systems. Here are three ways to begin working with the system so you can stay ahead of the competition:

Experiment extensively with expanded, broad, and Advantage Plus audience targeting so you can find ways to make them work for you.

Use “Advantage Plus Creative” enhancements judiciously. Review each one and disable any instances that may damage your brand consistency. 

Focus more on solid copywriting and creative that truly engages your target audience. Interest targeting matters far less now.

Focus on Attribution

Accurately tracking conversions and sales from your ads is becoming more vital for optimization, so it’s essential to use Meta’s Conversions API to pass first-party data safely via direct integrations with any third-party platforms and tools you use in your marketing and sales.

The advertisers who adapt to ongoing Meta ads changes rather than avoiding them will stand out going forward.

Today’s advice is provided with insights from Jon Loomer, a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World.


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