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Hi, I’m Bobby Christy. I am a retired baseball coach and those who know me, call me CoachC. I also wear a few other hats – entrepreneur, business owner, sales professional, trusted advisor and now radio show host. My two favorite roles are those of father and grandfather.

I started selling 40 years ago. My first sales mentors were:

Bobby Christy, CoachC, Inside Pitch on

Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Ira Gedan. These guys were awesome. Each left an indelible mark on my career. They set the foundation stones in place for what has been an incredible 4-decade sales career.

My last mentor, Allen Payne Long or A.P. as he liked to be called, showed me a new sales mindset and approach that overturned the notion of selling as I had grown to know it. Allen spent his entire career in banking and believed that every relationship was based on trust.

Trust Based Selling.

Trust based selling has been around forever – it just wasn’t called that. It used to be a handshake or “your word”.

Times have changed.

Technology rules the selling world today and I don’t make that statement lightly. I truly believe that trust and authenticity have been pushed to the back of the sales process.

The number one problem facing most businesses today is a lack of sales.

I’ve not met anyone who is turning away customers on purpose. Yet, they are doing just that and it drives me crazy.

There are a lot of reasons why this is happening. None of them are acceptable.

What worked 5 years ago does not work today.

You have more than just a “SALES” problem. You have a relationship problem as well because your customers, clients, patients and etc. no longer trust you.

I can fix it and I will stake my reputation on it!

The sales training program I created focuses on trust-based selling.

Trust-based selling is just that. It’s a sales process in which trust is the primary ingredient in the transaction. It’s elegant, natural and designed to get to the truth.

The takeaway is that you’ll never again chase a prospect to make a sale.

I’ve used this model for more than 30 years across several industries.

It’s rooted in common sense, which is in short supply these days.

If your business isn’t performing at the level you want it to, I can  help you.

Speaker and Author:

I speak and write often on the topics of selling, online marketing, social media and the current state of our economy.

I help people make sense out of today’s headlines. I have the ability to see identifiable trends, patterns and money-making opportunities when most people see chaos, confusion and white noise.

I do this by turning complex subjects into simple and understandable concepts.

I love writing and have authored numerous articles as well as the baseball instruction book, “Pitching My Way”. My latest book, The Champion’s Mindset was released in January 2021.

I’m currently writing a memoir, “Behind the Mask”, which is a look back on my 35 years as a baseball umpire.

If you would like to learn more about me, speaking engagements or webinars, please email ( or call me at (678) 719-2290.

Early Days:

I began my business career in Charlotte, NC in 1982 after leaving U.S. Marine Corps as a Captain.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics from a prestigious northern university where I studied Economics under renowned Austrian School economist, Dr. Hans Sennholz.

I also hold an Advanced Degree in Theology.

My wife, Debby, and I are parents to four great children and nine  awesome grandchildren.

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