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Sales Reps – Are individuals who simply re-sell our system.

They are not responsible for having to train or follow up with a client after the sale is made.

We provide Sales Reps with data mining software, scripts, and links to send out to begin marketing our products.

When a sale is made, the Sales Rep is paid within 24 hours.

THERE IS NO CHARGE NOR COST to start as a Sales Rep. HOWEVER you do have to cold call and generate your own business.

We provide you a data miner to pull leads, but it is up to you to call, make contact, generate interest, follow up, and close.

You work when you want, as much as you want, whenever you want.

Sales Rep & Trainer – Are individuals who not only have the re-sell rights of our system, but the ability to use and train others as well.

Because a Sales Rep and Trainer sticks around after the sale to offer support they are paid more.

Sales Reps & Trainers  DO NOT HAVE TO COLD CALL.

By using the system and strategies our memberships provide, they simply respond to people who are calling them.

This means conversion rates are much higher. It is easier to close a client who is calling you, rather than a client you first have to call to generate interest, then sell to, then follow up to close.

We offer NO UPFRONT COST to people who want to on board with us as a Sales Rep & Trainer by easy financing opportunities.

This give you a chance to get the system, learn it, use it, make money with it, and then pay for it.

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The way we are able to help you, as a Trainer, get started with no upfront cost is through using financing opportunities with either Better Loans Mutual or My Zippy Loan.

They will finance the start up cost to get the software, systems, and training you need.

This is a great way to get started earning money now, get paid, and then pay the start up cost through the cash flow of your earnings.

  1. Click one of the links above Betters Loans or Zippy.
  2. Apply for $997, $1497 or $3497
  3. You may want to apply for 6 months of admin fees to avoid having 2 monthly payments
  4. Get approved in 24 hours
  5. Money will deposit into your checking account
  6. Then comeback to terrywilson3.com/enroll to purchase the platform that fits you.

What's Included In Each Package?

CLICK HERE to see an itemized list and other Frequently Asked Questions


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