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Bobby Christy is a former baseball player, umpire and coach. Those who know him call him CoachC.

He also wears a few other hats – entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, sales trainer and trusted advisor. His  favorite roles are those of husband, father and grandfather.

In INSIDE PITCH, CoachC shares his personal philosophy on life, family, achievement, success and excellence. He offers lessons and wisdom learned from more than 5 decades on the baseball field and in business.

Baseball is essentially a very simple game. Ball or Strike – Fair or Foul – Safe or Out. Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

If you play the game the right way, you’ll find that baseball is not just about talent, hard work and strategy. It’s more than that – it’s about teaching young men and women character, integrity and respect.

CoachC speaks and writes often on the topics of coaching, leadership, selling, online marketing, social media and the current state of our economy.

He has authored numerous articles and the baseball instruction book, “Pitching My Way”.

His latest book, The Champion’s Mindset, was released in January 2021.

He’s currently writing a memoir, “Behind the Mask”, which is a look back on his 35 years as a baseball umpire.

CoachC holds bachelor’s degree in Economics from a prestigious northern university where he studied Economics under renowned Austrian School economist, Dr. Hans Sennholz. He also holds an Advanced Degree in Theology.

CoachC and his wife, Debby, are parents to four great children and 9 awesome grandchildren.

You can reach CoachC via email (rac@tw3-marketing.com) or by phone (678) 719-2290 to learn more about his coaching, training and speaking programs.

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