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Our clients come to us from different backgrounds, professions, and education. One thing that they all have in common is that they use our tools, training, and technology to grow their various businesses.


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Car Dealers & Sales people like our platform because it automates their lead generation and closing process.

It also allows them to save thousands of dollars per month on marketing through the strategic marketing tools that our Elite Package offers.

Many of our car clients are independent sales reps, who simply work from home, offer products and services within the auto industry.

Getting off the sales floor at a dealership and working on a schedule of your choosing is what our internet car sales people love.

Insurance agents from Met Life, NY Life, Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, State Farm, Aflac, Western & Southern Life, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Assurant Health, United Health, Travelers, Primerica, Virtual Financial Group and many others use our platform to:

  • Generate Insurance Leads
  • Recruit Other Agents
  • Develop and Grow their Agencies
  • Cross Promote for Other Income Streams
  • Develop Training for Agent Growth


Realtors like life insurance agents understand the value of having a system of their own that can generate, qualify, and process new business.

We are proud to have clients from ReMax, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Better Homes & Gardens, Weichert, Keller Williams, Exit Realty, Prudential, Real Living, Berkshire Hathaway and hundreds of others.

Real Estate Agents are using our platform in ways similar to Insurance Agents. Their desire is to have a marketing platform that provides:

  • Lead Targeting
  • Additional Streams of Business Opportunity
  • Network Assets
  • Training that gives our real estate members a tremendous value advantage over the competition.


Certified coaches and trainers, many who represent some of the most well known names in the coaching/training industry in the United States, find great value in using our platform.

This is because of the breadth, depth and diversity of our marketing tools, training and technology.

Some of those organizations are:

Tony Robbins – Zig Ziglar – Brian Tracy – John Maxwell – Les Brown – Jim Rohn

ENTREPRENEURS entrepreneurs

Working with new entrepreneurs everyday to help them:

  • Develop a strategic business models and plans
  • Monetize existing businesses or develop new ones
  • Provide them with new business opportunities that are proven and legit
  • Grow a dynamic income model for both active & passive strategies
  • Provide targeted, qualified leads to monetize

RMP PROGRAM rmp report july 20

Our Members and Reps through our strategic partnerships (via our RMP System®) are able to represent companies from the Fortune 500 to the fortunate to have 5.

These strategic partnerships allow our reps & members to be paid to refer their prospective clients, traffic, and audience to these partners and be compensated regardless of conversion.

So in short, our members are paid without ever having to sell anything by 3rd parties while allowing them to give value to others and never charging for it.


Speakers & Trainers use our system to:

  • Grow their influence
  • Grow their audience
  • Book their engagements
  • Build their brand
  • Develop new income streams
  • Monetize existing training


We have hundreds of clients who are in network marketing and MLM businesses.

They use our system to strategically target clients who either would be right for their product or business.

Some of the top sales reps and affiliates in direct sales & MLM love using our marketing platform to build their business.

They user our system to:

  • Generate Leads
  • Manage Downline
  • Develop Training Material
  • Co-Op other income streams to give them an advantage over other reps


Small business owners that run physical locations like retail and restaurants use our system to pr0mote & drive traffic to their stores.

Unlike traditional advertising used in radio, TV, and newspaper, our marketing platform allows shop owners to:

  • Demographically target audience
  • Market via text, phone, email, and social media
  • Offer very affordable opportunities with high conversion rates

No matter what size, structure, and type of business you are in our tools, training, and technology can help you grow your business 300% in only 90 days!

We are looking for Professional Salespeople to sell TW3 Software and Training Programs.

If you are interested, please click the link to the right to apply.

Terry Wilson and TW3 Marketing 90 Day Money Made Guarantee
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