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Purpose Beyond Profit

The Bridge Ministry, Nashville TN

The Bridge Ministry feeding Nashville's Homeless
Candy Christmas Founder and CEO of The Bridge Ministry
Candy Christmas | Founder/CEO The Bridge Ministry

THE BRIDGE, INC. exists to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged children, the homeless, and the working poor
​by providing life-sustaining resources and a message of hope.


CAFE 1040

Cafe 1040 exists to see disciples of Jesus in every people group.

In the world today, there are 3.1 billion people who have never heard the name of Jesus, so we work alongside the local church to help the next generation get to those people.

For over 20 years, Cafe 1040 has provided mentorship, training, and hands-on experience to young adults who are discerning their role in God’s plan to reach the nations with the good news of Christ.

Our ministry continues to seek opportunities to move the next missionaries towards the call to make disciples of Christ.

If you would like to partner with our important work, please go to www.cafe1040.com/give, select “Give to Staff” and select account number 083.

Eternal Family Project, Honduras

Allison’s Vision

​Alison Alexander’s original vision began with helping girls over the age of 18 transition from the orphanages they grew up in to successful living through education and mentoring in a loving home.
Since then, God has enlarged the borders of the ministry to include younger girls, from toddlers to teens, as well as special needs and handicapped girls.
We continue to provide loving care, education, and spiritual guidance to equip young Honduran girls with the Christian life skills needed in their journey to becoming thriving women of God, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Fishman Isaacs Israel Initiative


Blessing is promised to those who bless Abraham and his descendants, the Jews: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:3). 

The Isaacs, as Jewish Holocaust surviving descendants, feel it a calling and an honor to bless the land of our people, Israel. We love the Holy Land because of our heritage, but we also love the land because it was the location of the birthplace, home and resurrection city of our Savior Yeshua Jesus!

We have been there many times and have witnessed the needs of so many of the underprivileged people there. This is why we started this organization.

The Fishman Isaacs Israel Initiative, named after Lily’s Holocaust surviving parents, was started to create trustworthy opportunity for others to help us bless Israel.

By giving to the orphans and the elderly, especially the remaining Holocaust survivors, we are honoring the beginning and end of Yeshua Jesus life.

We are honoring Abraham’s descendants, and we are helping His people. We love what He loves. We bless what He blesses. We are His hands and feet, and our heart beats as His does for His homeland.

Please donate today and help us make a difference in the lives of so many needy children, families, soldiers and elderly friends in Israel.

We have chosen to partner with several experienced reputable, non-profit organizations in Israel. May God bless you for giving, as is His desire, spoken in His Word.

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