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5 Perks of Breaking the Rules

Bobby Christy 5 Perks of Breaking the Rules

What happens when you break the rules? 3 things – one is good – one is bad and the last one is nothing.

In other words, breaking certain rules can cause the skies to open and rain down benefits – or it can cause your worst nightmares. Author, Lewis Upton, once said, “I’m a free soul, not a soul who will be contained by rules that were made by people who want to control others.”

There comes a time when it’s necessary to break the rules. The first one that came to my mind and the most common is when it’s simply break free of others or a situation and to set yourself free, so you make your own rules.

Here are some perks of breaking certain rules of society:

The “Work from 9 to 5” Rule. When you break this rule, you can get ahead quickly by having more time for yourself and working more efficiently. COVID-19 made many people realize the perks that technology now affords us. Working from home let people set their own by hours and for the first time prioritize what’s really important in their lives.

Always Meet Your Goals and Expectations. Have you ever changed your mind? I sure have and I know you have too. There’s nothing wrong by doing so – it’s as simple as that. When something new comes along that piques my interest, like a project or goal, I adjust course and follow the new and let go of the old.

What Other People Think is Important. I used to fear this one big time. I always worried what other people thought about me and what I was doing. Once I let go of this fear of letting other people judge me, I was free to be myself.

What kept me down and kept me from reaching the goals I had set for myself was replace with a new zest for life and enthusiasm to take advantage of every new opportunity that came my way.

This is important. The reason people are critical of you and put you down is because it’s their self-esteem and self-image holding them back. Taking it out on you gives them power over you. Once you break free of that stranglehold, your catapulted to a new and exciting future.

Mistakes Are a Bad Thing. Growing up I was afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes meant punishment. Once I left home, I learned that there are tons of benefits gained from making mistakes.

Nobody likes to admit they’re wrong. Plain and simple, it’s not fun. It is a learning situation or a coaching opportunity. The key here is to learn from mistakes. If you do, you’ll reap the benefits and you’ll likely never make that mistake again.

Your Parents Are Always Right. How many have had this one shoved down their throats? I grew up thinking “because I said so” was the only answer my parents could ever come up with. My parents were born during the Great Depression and the rules they grew up were commonplace in that day and time.

I was born in the middle of the “baby boom. Society was different and the rulebook had changed.

 I justified breaking away from the “parents are always right rule”, so that I could be free to make my own decisions and my own path through life.

There are a lot of perks when you break many of society’s antiquated rules. Don’t get me wrong here – they were set in place to help us in life.

Behind those rules are a lot of responsibilities. If you choose not to work 9 until 5 that’s OK. You still have to work hard and get the job done if you want to fulfill your goals and dreams.

In fact, you may work harder – spending long days and nights – in reaching the goals and dreams that you have for yourself. I know I have. I’ve learned that I do a better job and work more efficiently when I set my own hours and work on my own terms.

Never forget – actions have consequences. The bottom line is that you need to find what works best for you? Get out there and making something great happen.

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