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Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

This is a great article from my friends at LinkedSelling.It addresses the difference between Demand and Lead Generation.

You might be wondering what the heck the difference between these two terms are:

Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

You might know exactly what the term “lead generation” means. It’s kind of in the name, and one would assume it’s generating leads for your business.

Great! They fit a profile, and are qualified to an extent.

However, you might not know or might not have heard of the term “demand generation” – and you’re not alone. It’s recent, I would say in the last decade or so – it’s something that we’ve been implementing in our own marketing strategies and our client work. However, it doesn’t get the traction that lead generation might get – but I can GUARANTEE you that it’s more important than the former.

Check out why you can’t just do “lead gen” anymore and why “demand generation” effects your sales process MORE.

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