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Be A Problem Solver

TW3-Marketing Be A Probem Solver
Recently, I spoke to a group of business owners and was asked about creating lead generation assets that would attract high-quality prospects.

Almost everyone wanted to talk about tactics.

The types of questions people asked me were like:

  • Should I be sending something in the mail?
  • Should we be doing webinars to produce leads
  • Are downloadable reports still feasible?

In truth, everyone in the room missed the fundamental question.

What problem are you solving for your prospects?

People buy products and services to solve the problems that they have. The most effective lead generation strategy focuses on solving a problem the prospect needs to have resolved, regardless of the tactics used.

The most effective sales presentations revolve around showing how your solution will solve the problem.

Notice the emphasis on the word “wants.”

A costly error is to try to sell something your prospects need but doesn’t want.

Remember that you first sell someone what they want and then deliver what they need.



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