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Bitcoin and Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: A Q&A With Paxful CEO Ray Youssef

The primary purpose of your blog is to build your expertise with your readers and potential buyers.

But there are some tricks to monetizing your blog effectively to ensure you’re making sales.

My new training “Blog Like a Pro” teaches you just that. 

Blogging is a strategy that CONTRIBUTES to higher revenue and profits.

It’s the first step of a multi-tiered content plan that drives your readers to take specific actions. 

That specific action should move the reader into a funnel which moves them from a “lead” to a “prospect”, then hopefully to a buyer. 

Whoa! Wait, I thought we were talking about blogging, not funnels. 

Well, how do you think those 7 and 8 figure business owners earn income?

They aren’t charging admission for their blog content. They’re getting people started in “step 1” of their funnel.

The biggest complaint I hear from business owners who are also blogging is they don’t see any income from their blog. 

I get it. 

Most people don’t really have a content strategy, a distribution plan or strong call to action to encourage readers to stay engaged along with them! 

That’s how your blog content will get continuous clicks which drives opt-in and sales. 

You know, I stopped blogging all together a few years back because I didn’t think it was worth the time.

After studying the subject for several months, I created a plan with real strategic content, launched it and things changed fast! I saw immediate engagement, opt-ins and sales.

I’ve put together an in-depth training to help you discover the long-term rewards of blogging for your business.

You need to:

– Define your target reader so you can home in on the right topics, voice, and writing style

– Use this avatar to help build the right topics to engage your target audience

– Write captivating and shareable blog posts, which includes planning, drafting, using writing best practices, and exploring the anatomy of top blogs

– Share your blog posts with the world in a way that maximizes engagement and puts your content in front of as many people in your target market as possible 

– Turn your blogging into a sustainable source of income 

– Evolve your blogging practice by implementing tricks for effective blog planning, organization, consistency, and self-motivation

All the traffic in the world won’t solve your financial woes. There’s good traffic and bad traffic just as there are good offers, bad offers and GREAT offers. 

I’ve put together several checklists designed to ensure you don’t have any holes in your offer which in turn means you get more ROI on every single visitor. 

The big idea here is to focus on quality content and quality traffic. When you do, you get quality customers. 

To get these checklists, just text the word “checklist” to (678) 922 – 4561.



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