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I want to talk to you today about called Missed Call – Text Back, a very neat thing that our app does, something so simplistic that it’s often overlooked.

I’ve benefitted personally from this which is how it caught my attention.

When I say simple, I really mean simple because every business has missed calls.

Anytime someone calls me, if I’m on the other line, if I’m busy, if I’ve got my do not disturb on right now, whatever the reason is I’m not able to take a call, my app will automatically text that person back.

And with the help of our AI have a conversation with them.  It will even go as far to ask them if they want to set up a time to speak and put them on my calendar.

Missed call-Text Back service by TW3 Marketing

Nothing Worse Than A Missed Call

This just happened a few months ago. I had a contractor down in the lower part of the state that called me because they were online, and they were searching for someone that does what I do. They Googled ‘who in the area does’ what I what I do, and it pulled me up because of our SEO ranking (another part of our TW3 Marketing system). I was up at the top of the list, so I was one of the people that they called. They didn’t get a hold of me because I was actually on another call. Simply, I missed the call. I found out later the reason I won the business is because they actually had called others after me, all designers/developers, and I was the only one that got back with them. Three calls, 3 missed calls – 1 text back. Through our system, I was able to respond immediately, stayed engaged with them and set up a time to talk and sent them a link for our Zoom call. I was able to secure a phone appointment, provide them with information all before I had actually spoken to them in-person. All of this was done inside our app. So, let me show you how our Missed Call – Text Back works.

AI Automation

It’s so simple to use.

I’m here in the back of my app and all I do is (1) go under settings and into my business profile. At the bottom on the right-hand side, you can see I can turn certain things on and so what I’ve got is my ‘text enable’ Miss Call Text Back and it says ‘thank you for calling me. Sorry we missed you; how can I help?

By asking a question, I want to see if I can get them to respond.

Now here’s where our system takes it a little bit further.

Take a minute and think about this. You can do this with just about any phone system today. You basically turn your phone into an autoresponder. We’ve all done this – fill out a form, click send and wham – you get a predetermined text back which is OK in and by itself.

What makes us different is that we have something called ‘Conversational AI’ integrated into our system.

It’s located right here, and you can see that it’s turned on. It’s set to autopilot so if I get a text from anyone through Google My Business, Instant Messenger, Facebook or Instagram, my AI bot is sitting there talking to them.

You might be asking – how did I train this thing?

Did I have to do all the programming?

The answer is no.

Here’s how you train your bot.

I say here’s my website. I’ve got thousands of pages, blog posts. You name it.

I’ve got all this content. Just read all that content, you know what I think about everything. I even gave it my eBooks. That’s how you carry on your conversation.

It turns all of my content on my website into a Wikipedia and then the AI bot takes over from there.

You might be saying, I don’t have any content. I’m not a blogger, I’m not a content creator. then all you have to do is instead of using your website, you can turn it into whatever you want it to do.

A good example is just setting appointments. So, it’s going to automatically say ‘well here’s a link to your calendar and let’s get something set up at a time where we can talk.

So, if you don’t have any content, you can train your AI with just say ‘I want you to get everyone that contacts me through text, email, social media, on my calendar.You can also fine tune future responses by reviewing all the AI Bot’s conversations with everybody that has come through those channels.

So basically, you can sit here and read all the conversations that your AI bot is having.


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