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Women In The Workplace: 5 Ways To Empower Female Employees

5 Ways To Empower Women in the Workplace

Great blog post from my friend Steve Gilliland.

The rise of the #MeToo movement and the Time’s Up campaign has made tremendous waves for the women’s movement in the last decade. It has changed the discussion about their place in the workforce by shedding light on the issues and obstacles they face every day.

For those who believe the glass ceiling to be a myth, a workplace survey shows that while more women are rising to the top levels of companies, they’re still underrepresented.


But women persist. They’re steadily but surely gaining traction at the workplace, calling out the disrespectful prejudice and other obstacles that have been put in their path by their seemingly “progressive” male counterparts.

Organizations and leaders must step in to eliminate bias and empower women in the workplace. Here’s how organizational leaders can get started.

Read the rest of Steve’s article.

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