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Don’t Let “Bad Words” Kill Your Sales and Referrals!

Dave Dee put out an email earlier today and it brought back a number of memories.

His subject line was “Naughty Words”.

It appears that we have devolved as a society and that profanity has crept into the lexicon of every aspect of our society.

Don’t believe me? Turn on baseball games without fans. There are more F-bombs per inning than pitches.

My grandmother brought it my attention that those words weren’t necessary. She also told me that she had to remind her son, my Uncle Bob, of the same when he was a Marine. Lesson learned.

When we talk with our clients, customers and patients, I am pretty sure we use the same language we use when talking with our grandparents. If not, shame on you.

Mr. Dee reminded me that there are other types of “naughty” words you should banish from your vocabulary because they kill sales. Yep – sales killers.

Dave and I have this in common – Tom Hopkins is our first sales trainer.

Tom drilled this into our heads. He called “bad words” “rejection words” because they either trigger fear in the prospect or remind them that you’re trying to sell them something. I can still hear Tom screaming “BAD WORD – BAD WORD” at his Sales Boot Camp in Arizona.

Out with the bad and replace it with the good.

Price → Investment?

Down payment → Initial investment

Contract → Agreement or paperwork.

Pitch → Presentation

Sign → Approve (As in “approve the agreement.”)

Buy → Own

“Good words” bring sales and referrals.

Many thanks to Dave Dee for reminding me of this today.

You are worth more …


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