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TW3 Live Podcast – Episode 470 with Laurie Brown

TW3 Live Podcast Episode 470 with Laurie Brown

Do not miss tonight as we welcome the one and only Miss Spelling Bee (Laurie Brown) to the TW3 studio. Laurie is a former corporate trainer and now an Elite TW3 trainer who is going to be speaking on, What to say when you talk to yourself. 

You know sometimes you and I can be our own toughest critic. When this happens it creates several challenges that can often keep us from realizing our highest goals and ambitions. As Ray Edwards said in our conversation a few episodes back, “things in my business and life started changing when I stopped listening to myself and started talking to myself.” 

So join us tonight at 9pm eastern as we talk about how we talk to ourselves.

Episode 470 live at 9pm Eastern

See ya’ there and never forget,
You Are Worth More!

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