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Super Bowl LVI

Bobby Christy Super Bowl LVI

The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday and it’s going to be an interesting event to say the least. A lot of eyes will be watching.

We have the teams, the weather, the commercials and the Half-Time Show.

The Teams.

The Rams and Bengals will square off after 2 weeks of waiting and posturing. Both teams have everything you expect: talented young coaches, great quarterbacks, incredible receivers, and special teams the make the rest of the league drool.

The Weather.

It’s hot in Southern California. Like 90F hot. It’s hot enough that the heat will be a factor.

The Commercials.

NBC has set a record deal for 2022 Super Bowl ads, asking for $6.5 million per 30-second commercial. This is an increase from the $5.5 million asked for in 2021.

$6.5 million for a 30 second commercial. That’s a ridiculous amount of money.

But hey, it’s the Super Bowl, right? The NFL will make millions this weekend.

The advertisers will be out a bundle for a one and done campaign.

That’s how many people look at marketing – run one campaign or run one ad and you’ll be a huge success.

How much time and money have you spent on creating a product, a funnel, email campaign and didn’t make a dime?

Ponder this … Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time. He threw 11,317 passes in his NFL career. That’s a bunch.

What I’ve often wondered is how many throws did he make in practice? Then add in how many passes he has thrown in college and practices in college. Then add in high school all the way to pop warner football.

The ballpark number could be 100,000 or more.

How many adjustments and tweaks has he made to his throws? How many different game situations and weather conditions has he thrown in? How many defensive players did he have to avoid while passing? How much game film and coaching has he had over the years?

The guy is a consummate pro and that’s a big reason why he has won more Super Bowls than any other quarterback ever.

Greatness doesn’t just show up, it’s doing the ordinary over and over again until you become extraordinary.

That means working on the fundamentals every day. That’s your messaging, your positioning, catching the prospect’s attention, creating a burning desire, and etc.

It all takes work. It’s not a one and done.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does come, it will feel like you won the Super Bowl.

The key is getting started, so start today.

My Super Bowl prediction – Bengals by 3 over the Rams.

So, what do you think?




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