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How are you playing the game right now?

TW3-Marketing.com Episode 449

Are you playing to win or not to lose?

This may sound weird if you are not a sports fan or have played sports before, but those who follow sports know exactly what I mean.

The minute you start playing to simply hold a position or protect a lead you are instantly in a vulnerable position.

2020 put many people in this position. Monday we are going to talk about how to play to win and get back on offense.

It’s natural to be in a defensive posture when you’ve been punched in the mouth like so many have this past year. The challenge is to know how and when to pivot to get back on offensive so you can start putting up some points.

This past week we’ve seen a record number of new members join. These people are taking control of their time, income and daily lifestyle by going back on offense mentally, emotionally and their daily activities.

This year could be your best opportunity to see an incredible change for the better in both your personal and professional life.

Please tune in Monday Night at 9pm as Terry talks about Playing to Win.

Click to join us live: terrywilson3.com/livepodcast.

See ya then!

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